Why Epsilon?

Unique Mentoring:

Epsilon believes that mere teaching would not be enough to extract positive results from the student and so, the faculty focuses on one to one mentoring to suit individual needs of every student.

Practical training:

For all the subjects, the Epsilon faculty trains students with practical approach using real life products, applications or situations which makes it easy for them to understand the concepts and permanently imprinting them in their minds.

Friendly approach:

The Epsilon faculty, follows a friendly approach rather than an imposing attitude so that the student develops an innate interest in the subject which makes it easy for quick learning, understanding and retention.

Soft Skill development:

Apart from regular classes Epsilon will be coming up soon with soft skills & personality development sessions to help our student prepare themselves for a better future.


Epsilon will soon be launching workshops for all subjects where the students will learn the concept practically and work on assignments and tests based on their learning in the workshop.

One to One mentoring:

We at Epsilon promise every parent that their child will be taken care of for all the time they spend with us. The differentiating factor at Epsilon is that we do 1-1 follow up mentoring for all our students. We have our own APP through which we record the performance of the student for the whole academic year and discuss the same with the student & the parent in a timely manner. We are also open to students & parents reaching out to us one to one for academics , performance discussions , career mentoring & any other counselling.