Epsilon Academy


Courses Offered

Our Programs

CBSE Coaching

We train our students end to end on CBSE NCERT syllabus and ensure they are ready with theory & problems before their exams. We conduct tests in class and online regularly to ensure the students are in track and well connected to the subject.

JEE Mains Courses

Students in class XI and XII will be able to take up the JEE coaching online or in our classroom program. Students will be given coaching on JEE syllabus for both class XI and XII

NEET Courses

Students in class XI and XII can take up NEET coaching program to kick start their medical dreams. End to end coaching for all medical aspirants to perform well in NEET exams.

Training Methods

Epsilon Practical Learning


We try our best to offer practical experience by bringing in the required apparatus in order to get a better understanding of the concepts learnt in the theory class for subjects like physics and chemisry

Epsilon Visual Learning


We use videos lectures and presentations in class to teach the functioning of machines, real life scenarios where concepts of Physics, Chemistry & Math are involved.

Epsilon Visual Learning

Application Based

We ensure to give our students, assignments, post a theory class where they will need to apply the concept and solve the problem.This practice will help our students get a much better understanding of the concept and will stay with them forever.